Guest Room Lock Battery Board

Onity Battery Board
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  • Item #: OC ONI BATT BD N

Battery board for Onity* HT24 (Magnetic Stripe) & HT28 (Smart Card) locks.  The battery board holds four AA batteries and supplies power to guest room locks. Onity Portable Programmers plug directly into the communication port on the bottom of the battery board for reprogramming or updating locks. The battery board plugs directly into the motherboard to supply power to your Onity guest room lock.


  • Works for guest room locks using HT20i, HT20m, HT22i, HT22m, & HT24 Onity front desk systems
  • Batteries Not Included
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty


*This item is not an OEM part and is manufactured by a third party to be compatible with Onity HT24 locks. World Class Installations makes no claim to be affiliated with original manufacturers.

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