Motorized Writer-Reader for Onity HT20m & HT22m Systems

Onity Motorized Writer-Reader
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  • Item #: ONI HT22M W/RDR U

Quickly and easily encode new key cards for your guests and staff with a fully tested writer-reader for your motorized Onity HT22m front desk system.  These key cards can be used with any HT24 guest room lock.  We recommend replacing this internal module for your key card encoder if you see "Encoding Error" on the screen.  This module will not work with Onity front desk systems requiring the manual insertion of key cards (TESA HT20i or Onity HT22i) and requires Hi Co magnetic key cards.


Certified used products are fully tested and warrantied. Onity writer-reader modules undergo an extensive inspection and certification by World Class Installations, Inc. before ever shipping.


  • Easy Installation
  • Not Compatible with Manual Insertion Systems
  • Will Not Encode HT28 Smart Key Cards
  • 90 Day Warranty


Property Identification Required:  Onity front desk systems and any corresponding components must ship directly to their final destination, where material will be utilized or otherwise stored.  Front desk encoders and their electronic components cannot ship to residential address.

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