New Dynalock 2011 Electromagnetic Lock

Dynalock Electromagnet
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  • Item #: DYNA 1200 MAG 390 N

The Dynalock 2000 Series electromagnet provides a full size 1200 lbs. holding force and is recommended for all Onity Access Control systems. The 2011 electromagnetic locks are designed for ease of installation with adjustable mounting, field selectable voltage, and convenient wiring compartments. The armature magnetically bonds to the lock face when the door is closed and the lock is energized, securing the door without requiring any moving parts.


  • New
  • 1200 Lbs Holding Force
  • 12/24 VDC/VAC
  • Matches Preparation for Locknetics 380 & 390 Electromagnetic Locks
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Price $403.00
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