New Lock Programmer for Onity & TESA Front Desk Systems

Portable Programmer for Onity & TESA Front Desk Systems NEW
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  • Item #: ONI PP N

The Onity Portable Programmer is used by front desk staff to test or program the locks on your property. It may also be used to run a complete diagnosis or audit trail of your electronic locks, in-room safes, and wall readers by connecting to built-in communication ports.


  • Current Generation Portable Programmer (Model #PP32)
  • Compatible with HT20 & HT22 Front Desk Systems
  • Compatible with HT24, HT28, and ADVANCE Locks (ADVANCE locks require an adapter, sold separately)
  • 1 Year Warranty


Property Identification Required:  Onity front desk systems and any corresponding components must ship directly to their final destination, where material will be utilized or otherwise stored.  Front desk encoders and their electronic components cannot ship to residential address.

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