New Securitron Power Supply for VingCard Access Control

Securitron Power Supply BPS 24-2
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  • Item #: SEC BPS 24-2 N

Remote access power supply for VingCard 6866, 6880, and 6877 remote readers.  Recommended where an interface with a fire alarm system or battery backup is needed. The BPS linear power supply delivers more current than PSPs and all BPS models are UL Class 2 listed, allowing for wire runs without the use of conduit from power supply to door.


  • New
  • Clean Linear Power for Flawless Operation with All Sensitive Active Electronic Components
  • Provided with terminals for fire alarm relay connection, allowing release of all devices upon fire alarm activation
  • BPS UL Listed
  • Steel Enclosure (14"x14"x4")
  • Lifetime Warranty
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