Hotel locks and keys are undergoing a rare historical shift from mechanical to electronic locks. Today, most hotel chains operate with familiar key card technology led by the likes of Onity hotel locks. These magnetic keycard, electronic locks dominate the market, but Onity RFID and NFC cards are becoming much more common for guests to use.

Mobile Keys

Locks are transitioning from being isolated to interconnected. The future revolves around the smartphones we all carry in our pockets. Although key cards remain the industry standard for hotels, several chains have been utilizing smartphones as room keys over the last several years. Industry leaders such as Onity and other brands, have created mobile key solutions and have paved the way for the future of mobile key technology.

An Innovative Security Solution for Modern Times

Hotels are choosing to go with electronic door locks such as Onity hotel locks due to the matter of security, convenience, and affordability. Although door locks are still more common in places of business than they are at residences, the tide is starting to shift. More and more hotels are starting to prefer electronic locks as part of a modern, fully integrated security system.

Wireless Mobile Key Locks Have Drastically Cut Down on Installation Requirements

In the past, online electronic locks required installation by trained professionals and often need an electrician as well. The required professionals were needed because centrally managed electronic locks were hard-wired locks that worked with compatible card readers. This meant installations were somewhat complicated and costly, discouraging some consumers. Due to the many complications, mobile key electronic locks have become more popular over the years. Onity hotels have been one of the lock manufactures leading this industry for mobile key door locks. Onity hotels locks provide a variety of different Bluetooth enabled locks of all shapes, sizes, and appearance. Onity locks have increased the popularity of electronic door locks for the simple reason that they are reliable and easy to install.

Electronic Locks are Easier to Manage Than Key/Pin-and Tumbler Locks

With electronic locks, users can have credentials for access, whether they're smart cards or access wristbands. Physical keys have now become a thing of the past. These credentials are then managed with an access control system, where an administrator can custom-tailor access right for each guest. Electronic locks management also makes life easier if a guest misplaces their credentials. If a user lost one of their keys, it then becomes a security threat. You're usually forced to change the lock, which is a considerable inconvenience. Then, you must make copies of the new key. With electronic locks, your system will be able to deactivate the lost credentials. No locks would need to be changed. Therefore, your property manager will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.