Onity CA32 Relay Board for Onity Remote Card Reader

Onity CA22 Board
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  • Item #: ONI CA 32 USED

The Onity CA32 relay board bridges your property's 12V power supply and Onity remote card reader.  The CA32 relay is a remotely located board with a built in relay to control access, which activates when a valid key card is inserted in the Onity remote card reader. The CA32 is equipped with the latest Onity firmware version.


Certified Used products are fully tested and warrantied.  Our Onity lock parts undergo an extensive inspection and certification by World Class Installations, Inc. before ever shipping.


  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Not Compatible with PP22 Version Firmware


Property Identification Required:  Electronic lock parts must ship directly to their final destination, where material will be installed or otherwise stored, or to certified installers only. Complete locks and their electronic components cannot ship to residential address.


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