Reader Arm for Onity HT24 & HT28 Guest Room Locks

Onity Mag-Stripe Reader Arm
  • Item #: ONI RDR ARM N

Easily repair malfunctioning or broken magnetic stripe readers in-house.  The reader arm is easy to replace and snaps on to your existing HT24 and HT28 readers in seconds.  The reader arm engages the microswitch after a guest room key is inserted and signals the reader to scan the magnetic stripe key card.  The red and green LEDs on the front of your reader will not light-up if the reader arm is broken and guests will not receive any response when they use their key card.


This arm may also be used with HT24 and HT28 readers installed in Onity Remote Card Readers.


  • Easy Installation
  • Compatible with HT24 and HT28 Readers in Onity Remote Card Readers
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