Saflok SL2500 Standard Deadbolt Lockcase & Reader Bundle

Saflok SL2500 Standard Deadbolt Lockcase & Reader Bundle
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  • Item #: SAF SL2500 LS KIT U STD -1

Save money and frustration by ordering a Certified Used Saflok SL2500 Lockcase & Reader Bundle. You automatically save up to 40% with your Saflok SL2500 Reader & Saflok SL2500 Lockcase.


Our Saflok locks and lock parts are fully tested and warrantied. Our Saflok guest room locks and lock parts undergo an extensive Inspection and Certification by World Class Installations, Inc. before ever being sold. Certified Used products may include scratches, scuffs, or additional cosmetic blemishes that do not effect functionality.


  • Certified Used Saflok SL2500 Black Mag Guest Room Reader
  • Certified Used Saflok SL2500 Standard Deadbolt Mortise Lockcase
  • 90 Day Warranty for Certified Used Material


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