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  • Item #: VING LS 626 DBT T3 U

VingCard's newest iteration of the Classic electronic guestroom lock requires only 3 AA batteries and features a magnetic stripe card reader. The mechanical key override (MKO) cylinder slot is located above the handle and we include a matching mortise lockcase with the deadbolt above the latch. This configuration is commonly known as deadbolt top or DBT.


The 4.5V Classic electronic lock is designed for either 2800 or VISION locking systems and is not compatible with 2100 systems.


Our locks are fully tested and warrantied. Our Certified Used VingCard Classic guest room locks undergo an extensive inspection and certification by World Class Installations, Inc. before ever being sold.


  • T3 LCU (3300 XC) Card Reader
  • 4.5V Mortise Lockcase
  • Includes Faceplate, 4.5V Battery Cartridge (Requires 3 AA Batteries), Battery Wire, & Mounting Hardware
  • MKO Cylinder Slot Above Handle (DBT)
  • Cylinder Not Included
  • 90 Day Warranty


Lock bodies and handles may include scratches, scuffs, or additional cosmetic blemishes that do not effect functionality. 


Mechanical Key Override cylinders purchased from must be rekeyed by a local locksmith to match your existing cylinders and keys. Company assumes no responsibility for any fees or charges resulting from the services of any locksmiths, related contractors, or service providers.  Functioning cylinders already at your property may be used with VingCard Classic Locksets purchased from

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Price $170.00
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