VingCard Standard Deadbolt Lockcase - 4.5V (3AA Batteries)

VingCard 4.5V Mortise Lockcase
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  • Item #: VING LC STD 4.5 U

VingCard 4.5V standard deadbolt lockcase (mortise) engages the deadbolt when the thumbturn is manually turned inside your guest room. Works with VingCard 4.5V LCU Type 3 Readers.


Our certified locks are fully tested and warrantied. VingCard Original lockcases undergo an extensive inspection and certification by World Class Installations, Inc. before ever shipping. 


  • This lockcase only works with locks using 4.5V battery packs (3AA batteries)
  • The lockcase will be automatically set with the deadbolt above the latch (Deadbolt Top) unless otherwise specified in the special instructions at checkout
  • Manual Deadbolt
  • 90 Day Warranty


Please See Door Swing Chart for Appropriate Handing.

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