VingCard Standard Deadbolt Lockcase - 9V (6AA Batteries)

VingCard Lockcase Manual
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  • Item #: VING LC STD U

VingCard 9V standard deadbolt lockcase (mortise) engages the deadbolt whenever the thumbturn is manually turned inside your guest room.  Works with VingCard 9V LCU Type 2 Readers and two-piece Classic Reader/CPU Combinations.  Please specify which readers are being used at your property to ensure compatibility and reduce delivery time.


Our certified locks are fully tested and warrantied. VingCard Original lockcases undergo an extensive inspection and certification by World Class Installations, Inc. before ever shipping. 


  • This lockcase will only work with locks using 9V battery packs (6AA batteries)
  • Deadbolt under latch (Deadbolt Bottom) unless otherwise specified in the special instructions at checkout
  • Manual Deadbolt

  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Please Select "Two-Piece Classic Reader/CPU" Connection for Use with Presidio Locks 


Please See Door Swing Chart for Appropriate Handing.

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